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Joe Biden, Savior and Master of the Obvious

Vice-president Joe Biden is bragging that the resurgence of the auto industry is the result of government intervention.   Well, duh. Send me a few billion dollars and I'll have a better balance sheet, too.

The government has no wealth of its own. All it can do is transfer wealth that has already been produced. So the question is not whether the auto industry is doing okay, but what has been destroyed in other areas by the transfer of wealth that already exists (paid ... << MORE >>

Just Doing My Job

I opted out of the full-body porno-scanner at the airport this morning. As I was being frisked—including my buttocks and groin areas—by the very polite TSA agent, I asked him if he really thought that these procedures were going to stop a terrorist. He shrugged his shoulders. When I opined that what was happened was that the State was stripping Americans of our rights, including him of his, he mumbled something about "just working here."  I told him that this was the same justification Nazi war criminals used ... << MORE >>

"The Philosophy of Liberty" in Arabic

The popular short animation "The Philosophy of Liberty" is now available in Arabic , in addition to 39 other languages . ... << MORE >>

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

Certain government officials are exempt for the TSA's Porno-scanners and groping.    Still think this is about safety?
... << MORE >>

Congressman Duncan Blasts the TSA

Tennessee's Jimmy Duncan, an anti-war Republican, blasts the TSA's porno-scanners and invasive pat downs.
... << MORE >>

Flying Is A Privilege?

I was once told by a TSA supervisor that flying is not a right; it is a privilege. I've read this same argument other places in defense of the TSA's invasive protocols. Using this logic, everything not mentioned in the Bill of Rights is a privilege. Gee, should I ask a government official if I can take a bath?  How about eating?  Can I blink without permission?

Flying is neither a right nor a privilege. It is a commercial activity. A contract between the passenger and the airline. As such, the government is (or ... << MORE >>

National Opt-Out Day November 24

Wednesday, Novermber 24, 2010 is National Opt-Out of the Naked Body Scanners Day. Please spread this around to friends and family.
... << MORE >>

...And Justice For All

Or Not.

'Martin Joel Erzinger will not be charged with a felony because "Felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger's profession," according to District Attorney Mark Hurlbert.' ... << MORE >>

What the TSA Isn't Saying About Body Scanners

Since January 2010 the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been rolling out what they term Advanced Imaging Technology, or Whole Body Imaging, at airports around the United States. These devices are used to perform a virtual strip search of passengers, looking beneath the clothes to display a picture of the skin. The TSA originally said that these machines would be used only for secondary screening, for those passengers that set off an alarm at the walk-through metal detector or Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) ... << MORE >>


In 2007, when he was governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer signed one of nation's harshest anti-prostitution laws. A year later, Spitzer resigned as governor over allegations that he had patronized a high-priced prostitution service. If you or I were caught paying for sex or being paid for sex, we would probably go to jail, or at least have our lives turned upside down. Not Spitzer. Now, two years later, he's got his own show on CNN. You see, Spitzer is one of the political elites and the same rules that apply to the average person do not ... << MORE >>
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